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We provide Scan to Email services with OCR to deliver Spell Checked Searchable Documents. We send out Notification Emails with Searchable Documents to the Email Addresses That You Specify.

Make Searchable Documents
Find Your Scanned Documents

We Make Scanned Documents Searchable

Why Scan Your Documents If You Cannot Search and Find Information In It Later?!

With powerful email systems like Gmail, you can just store all your emails without ever deleting them, and search through your emails in a flash. But, you first need to make all your scanned documents searchable.

  • Process all your scanned documents into searchable documents
  • Directly email your scanned documents to Searchable Scan, and get searchable documents back in your inbox
  • Smart all-direction OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Built-in Spell Checker for the best searchable results
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Make Scanned Documents Searchable

Our OCR functionality supports all ASCII-based languages, as well as over 40 different written language systems.

Support For All Scanners

Revolutionize the way you see your documents.

Built-in SMTP Server

Have searchable scanned documents delivered to your inbox.

Automatic Spell Checking

Over 30 spell check languages available.

Multi-User Support

Give new life to your documents with the click of a button.

Industry Leading OCR

Searchable Scan's OCR functionality has support for over 120 languages, and over 40 different written language sets.

Reduce PDF File Size

We provide quick and detailed answers for your awesome business.

100% Transparency and Full Control

Download your Searchable Scan credit history statement for up to six months at any time. You define where scanned documents can come from, and where they can be delivered.

Trusted Security

Our Email Servers All Use Industry-Strength 4096-bit TLS security, So Your Confidential Documents Will Always Be Secure. When Searchable Scan is Done Processing, You Receive Your Password-Protected Searchable Scanned Documents In Your Inbox. Searchable Scan Also Signs All Documents With Our SSL Certificate, So You Can Rest Assured That Your Document Has Not Been Tampered With By Anyone Else.

Set-up Once, Rest Automated.

Use Paypal to deposit credits into your account at any time, and use it as you need it.

Integrate with your existing business scanners.

You can also send your scanned PDF to your dedicated gateway address for Searchable Scan processing on demand.

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  • Process 1000 Scanned Pages Free
  • Or 500 Pages with Spell Checking
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  • 1 Credit = Convert 1 Page Searchable
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What Our Clients Say

It’s all about make your business more efficient

By supporting multiple users and integrating with your existing business scanner devices in your business, Searchable Scan allows your employees to quickly search for information in your business's operational documents, giving you the competitive edge at the lowest possible cost.
Searchable Scan uses highly-trained neural networks and deep learning artificial intelligence to extract information from your scanned documents
It couldn't be easier. Your documents are given new life with the click of a button.

Technical Details About Our Service

We Don't Send Out Random Emails, Here is How You Can Verify

  • 29 April, 2019
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Our Emails Are From These Servers

Searchable Scan informs you as soon as possible if there is any problem with processing your scanned documents.

We will never store any documents, we simply process your documents, email you the results, and delete everything immediately.

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  • 29 April, 2019
  • Official Blog

Our Digital Signature and Certificates

Communication between you and the Searchable Scan email server is secured with 4096-bit TLS encryption. Searchable Scan can also encrypt your scanned documents so that your confidential information is for your eyes only.

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